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In Brief....

Marcus Chance has lived life to the edge of mankind. Through his youth he has explored and escaped from the pure human hell that fate has had to throw at him, and now, within the blink of an eye he has ascended into something bigger than mankind can ever comprehend…Hell On Earth.

At the age of 12, Marcus Chance was given one of three choices for his crimes against the public, the first obviously being the first option of freedom. The others were basically institutionalism or as near to death as you could get.

There were things that Chance had witnessed, seen with his very own eyes and first hand, too. The judge and prosecution had pretty much taken the lead in his progressive and interesting life, after all, Chance was some kind of unique catch for the Courts of Justice. Since he was 10 years old, Marcus’s future was guided to the here and now by interested parties. It was always rumoured that there was something seen stood behind him once, but through time all that was classed as myth and so disregarded by everyone under the age of 16.

Of course, the teaming up with C.I.B (Criminal Investigation Bureau) would mean a lot less leash and more hours put into the job. Chance was a young man with many talents, taught onto him by his friends within the two cities before him. The Maze in the middle, while all around were those who had declared war on the Criminal World, including Seacliffe’s Elite Force for total clean up operations – C.I.B.

The Maze played a major part in the downfall of its last Dictator, who was much a cowboy than hero. And, thanks to Chance being the bait, not the guide for his partner, Steel, who has accepted the job from Calvert to go inside The Maze and take down their target. From start to end Chance is pulled further and further into the world that becomes the new day, with the kind of things that you don’t want to see, but forces itself on you anyway.

According to Seacliffe’s hall of records a report show’s that the whole town was built on Hallowed Ground, but the most interesting fact of the sleepy town that everyone craves to leave, is the town also had a hero up until the 20th Century, when the hero suddenly disappeared without a trace. The things that were happening within the town suddenly stopped the day that the protection of the residents was completely open.

One of the main problems with Chance’s future in either C.I.B., or The Circle, is that knowing everything can seriously draw attention to your well being. It is emphasised in each meeting with Donna, the girl from the Temple of Dreams, that Marcus should open his eyes to what it is that is around him. Through this guidance from a place that is neither here nor there, but in between, the road is short and yet still very dangerous.

The Maze is destroyed by both Chance and Steel together with Little Shy Donna, the teen girl they save from an abandoned house. It is the strength and ability to say all the right things that makes Donna a leading asset in the whole story. For Chance the deal for freedom was made, though they failed to tell the naïve teenager that his wings would be clipped.

After the job is done, both Chance and Steel go after Calvert, to draw the line that day. To end the war. To find closure. When they hit Calvert, they hit him hard and fast without compremise and without mercy.

It is thought for a while that both Chance and Steel are dead, until they emerge from the shadows with a put together army of ruthless gangsters who want their revenge with Calvert.

From leading criminal to DS. Marcus Chance of C.I.B., he became the first junior detective out of Juvenile Hall to command the forefront against serious crime and the constant hunting of hell’s demons.

The Flagship of "On A Storyteller’s Night Vol.1” is "Brotherhood Of The Realms,” with the key story coming from this novel. Marcus Chance was no special boy, he was an innocent that got in the way at the age of 12. His life was intercepted and changed for the purposes of the few, while in the direction he takes it is left unto him and him alone. The one thing that evil can never interfere with is Free Will, and so the game is played eternally through the ages to try and break the defence of this stubborn strength.

The Judge in the Chambers the day that Chance was asked to make his choice was no other than a servant of the Devil, which explains about the options and the sealing of the deal. Calvert’s presence there was only an act, but no normal performance from a man driven by hate and fury to one day kill him! It was obvious that Calvert was a servant of the Devil, too, as he drove Chance and Steel to this place in time. "All Paths Lead Here” is one thing said the most by Chance, especially when the Temple Of Dreams tears him from his world to get him into theirs.

Of course, Calvert has nothing to do with the soul wandering of Chance’s visits to The Temple Of Dreams, to which Marcus believes he is. If it was left down to a mortal man to master this ability, the energy used from the soul of the controller would evaporate into nothingness. It would be that powerful over the human brain and the entire body that not even that of the essence would remain. For the ancients that rule over The Temple Of Dreams, the need for balance is paramount. Without this balance there is Chaos somewhere in the universe, something that is both bad for the Ancients and bad for mankind as a whole, too.

When one of the Ancients die, they’re are taken to a place outside the Temple and given a custom built funeral. After the ceremony they are accepted into the next life – The Dark; a place of myth that takes the souls of Time Champions from all known universes and allows them rest for the big war that lies ahead in time and space. A little like a portal, The Dark is believed to be the next level of understanding for all races. Many have heard rumours that it takes the dead and brings them back to life, where they begin another life to live in appraisal of their achievements in the past one. It is also rumoured that it is the "Valley Of The Gods” for which they travel to, and only here are they offered a world of their own to nurture and allow to grow.

Welcome to "On A Storyteller’s Night Volume 1”

© Marcus Kasabian De Storm/MKDS Networks 2010


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