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A Taste Of Thing's To Come....

There are not many Writer's/Author's out there today who share their "Work In Progress" material, and indeed, why should they if they are under the belief that some No Mark Troll is out to "Steal" the very essence of that work for their own gain? Well, as a Writer/Author for almost 30 years now, my belief is that the "Style" in which I, myself write, is one which can be recognised. Not only this, however, but the fact that I communicate with the World as a whole (And those who wish to communicate with me) my intentions of "What", "Where" and "When" my material will be published to "eBook", "Amazon", "Kindle" or "CreateSpace" entirely. Alternatively, you may wish to take a look at my recent and permanent website of residence...Be warned, however, it really does love Spammers for the reasons that whatever you send x50 will be returned especially for you. Nice eh?

If you would seriously like to visit "The Red Hive" then all you have to do is click "H E R E". If you wish to ask me a question about my books, about the plots, about the story lines that are coming up, or just want to say Hi, then this is the place to do it. I will try to reply to every email within 24 hours of receiving it, however, because of many various Projects that are being updated and released, I cannot guarantee this time limit. Saying this, I will endeavour to get back to you - Personally - and answer any questions. Thank you

The creation of "On A Storyteller's Night" Series brought a single thought of writing the 25 Volumes that each contain 10, 11 and 12 Episodes in each Volume for the people who were keen and avid "Crime/Gore/Horror" readers. It was only when completing Book 3 (Volume 3), that my whole idea on the "Writing" for the good of completing the Series so that I could move on was not a good choice of decision making. Already with four books released on eBook, two of these in Paper Book Novel, my "Between Writings" have been a little more darker than usual - darker than the "O.A.S.N Series" - and has allowed me to focus more on other written work away from "Crime/Gore/Horror".

The "Countdown" to the release of "O.A.S.N Book 2: The Sanctum" was in fact due for release today - Sunday 1st July 2012 - but has been delayed unfortunately for several days due to technical difficulties beyond my control. The problem is within the ISP and the ability to upload and arrange the development, setting out and confirmation of the publication, not in the straight "Copy & Paste" which I have used here from my trusted MS Word 2010 and instant upload of a short piece. But anyway, the Internet Service Provider that I am with at the moment will soon be no more and the connection will not (Hopefully) be disconnected during vital "Data Transfers".


So begins the "A Taste Of Things To Come", where you, the reader, will be the first to know what exactly is on my mind, what is coming up and what inspirations I have to give credit to the creation of such pieces within the "On A Storyteller's Night" Series Story-Shorts. Whether it is a scene of an accident, scene of a beautiful thing, or just a witness to the sun rising in the morning that inspires an additional nail biting episode, I will let you know exactly "Where", "How" and "When" the details occurred.

If you would like more information on the "Inspirations" and the "Reasons" behind the Writing of many pieces of work, you can visit the "Forum" and see exactly where it all comes from. For now, however, I bid you happy reading and hope you have a great visit.


Marcus De Storm

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