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Tripping The Rift is the new Story-Short by Writer/Author Marcus De Storm, and promises to have many readers reaching for the bedroom lights while being engaged in reading its horror filled pages. With a pre-planned released date of February 31st 2012, the story emphasises its storyline on one particular topic - a topic which is under wraps at the moment.

"The decision to keep the synopsis and any other details of the story back until we get closer to the release date was hard to make, especially as many of the readers throughout our other platforms have been informed of the release, as well as a name to that release." Says the Writer and Author Marcus De Storm.

So, is it going to be worth the wait? ... Read more »
Views: 477 | Added by: MKDS67 | Date: 2012-10-03 | Comments (0)

Okay, after a couple of minor set backs hitting the release of "O.A.S.N Book 2: The Sanctum", we can Officially reveal that the Novel is now in its final stages of being Published and Released for availability on "Amazon". The actual predicted date was destined for 15th September 2012, before it was brought forward to the 1st September originally. Now the book is set to make its simultaneous appearance on both "eBook & Paperback Novel" by the 15th September 2012.

At the moment there are no plans on the Paperback Cover, as only the "eBook" cover has been given the Green Light.

On A Storyteller's Night Book 2: The Sanctum (15th September 2012 Release Cover)
< ... Read more »
Views: 448 | Added by: MKDS67 | Date: 2012-09-13 | Comments (0)

The eagerly awaited "Reflections Of A Poet’s Life” by Writer/Author, Marcus De Storm, brings together the "Personalised Collection” that goes beyond the normal essence inclusion of a Writers’ soul. With specially selected pieces such as "Phobias 1”, "Centurion Stance”, "Dante’s Tear”, "Dream Within A Dream”, "Eclipse”, "Edgar’s Subway”, "Heaven’s Gate”, "Keeper Of The Flame” and "Keeper Of The Flame”, to name but a few, it will be the reading of them that will have your own inner self join in the journey.

As you read deeper into the book of poems, so will you go deeper into the realms of both hurt and pain, while "Madness Of Love”, "Midnight Song”, Moth To A Flame”, "My Butterfly”, "The Dreamer’s” and "My Eyes To Your Eyes”, will steer you into many places that we can all relate to. Whether you are in a relationship o ... Read more »

Views: 411 | Added by: MKDS67 | Date: 2012-07-23 | Comments (0)

"The Private Poet" Collection by Writer/Author, Marcus De Storm is the book that celebrates more than 25 years of Poetry Writing through Private thoughts and experiences, each put into poetic form and delivered as strong now as the day that they were written.

Much more than the mediocre pieces that so many other Author's place on book shelves or on the counter at book stores, the very essence of passions, the pain, the glee, the very spirit of the writer is celebrated in this 91 page collection.

To get your hands on the Kindle Edition, then click on the following link: "The Private ... Read more »
Views: 462 | Added by: MKDS67 | Date: 2012-07-23 | Comments (0)

After a little break away from the hustle and bustle of the Writing Bug, Marcus De Storm has finally completed his "Amazon Author Page" in time for the release of "On A Storyteller's Night Book 2: The Sanctum" sometime before the end of July 2012.

"The one thing that makes a person uncomfortable about filling in the spaces between the 'Author's Profile' has to be what they should put. In instances there were the pauses that seemed to tell me not to put too much private stuff in their, but on the other hand, if I didn't put any private stuff in there, I guess people would start to see me as this purest of pure writer's who has never lived a life." Says the 43 year old Writer.

To see the Profile that Marcus De Stor ... Read more »
Views: 426 | Added by: MKDS67 | Date: 2012-07-22 | Comments (0)

The [MKDS] Network has had a strong Internetwork presence for more than fifteen (15) years now, more so in the last three (3) years with the merging of its platforms through Social Networks, BlogSpaces, Web Landing Pads and, of course, the many shortened – but effective Social Networks – Twitter, Sound Cloud, My Space, Vioptron and many others.

Today, The Network picks up more than a dozen accolades, awards, stars and appreciation "Thumbs Up” for its providing of Information, News, Facts, Exclusives, Entertainment, Literature and lots of other enjoyable stuff. Its firm presence on the Internetwork proves ... Read more »

Views: 426 | Added by: MKDS67 | Date: 2012-07-16 | Comments (0)

Are YOU having problems becoming Self-Published on KINDLE? Marcus De Storm, The Network and H. Aitoro can help you get YOUR book Prepared, Aligned and Ready for Universal Sales on Kindle. We Guarantee you will have a Novel up on KINDLE eBook within a short time.

Its frustrating, isn’t it, when you have a Channel available where you get all the FREE help, but still you are unable to move ahead. A few months ago, my friend and me had the exact same problems, only the problems were an extra benefit, as together we dominating and defeated the challenge – A new book materialiazed from the problem – and so today, my plans for a 5th eBook and 3rd Paperback Novel to be made available on the Internet is in progress.

There are some calls to "Writer’s” out there, to resort to "Self-Publishing”, though to many Publishing Houses all over the world, the last nail in their coffins is about to befall them because o ... Read more »

Attachments: Image 1
Views: 444 | Added by: MKDS67 | Date: 2012-06-24 | Comments (0)

It has been a tough road to follow these past couple of weeks, but finally, the whole concept and creative theories surrounding "On A Storyteller’s Night Series” have really started to take shape over the past several days with the completion of the first EIGHT Book Chapter’s…So far.

The Archive that contains ALL the "Story-Shorts” which will eventually feed into the Series has brought forward some of the best, medium and standard Crime, Gore, Horror material that people would expect to find from someone who is hardly known on the Writer/Author Circuit – But all that is about to change with my 250 Story-Short contribution that will be spread through 25 Novel’s dedicated to Crime, Gore, Horror.

"On A Storyteller’s Night” tells the stories of "Storm I ... Read more »

Views: 3662 | Added by: MKDS67 | Date: 2012-06-17 | Comments (0)

For the first time ever "The Brotherhood Of The Realms”, the Pilot novel that launches "On A Storyteller’s Night” book series, has been put into the Public Domain’s Kindle catalogue. The novel, which had been promised big sales and exposure by American company SBPRA, has re-directed itself to the "eBook” format by the Author himself.

 ”When I found SBPRA in the 2012 Edition of ‘Writer’s & Authors Handbook’, I was led t ... Read more »

Views: 487 | Added by: MKDS67 | Date: 2012-06-17 | Comments (0)

For a while now, behind the scenes of The Network 2012, we have been busy working on many new projects, including "Publishing” our own work in the form of eBooks and Printed Books through many of today’s technologically advanced platforms in the world. Known only as "The Pre-Curser Project”, it has been the hard work and long hours that have allowed us to iron out the many crinkles which certain writers have failed to bring to the forefront for those other writer’s out there to overcome.

Lifting the Lid on Amazon

There are some Writer’s out there who write and upload a lot of work into the realms of the Internet, while in the background they give advice in the form of "Supplemented” works; pieces of their writing’s which we see as ‘Incomplete’ or ‘Unfinished’ ... Read more »

Views: 425 | Added by: MKDS67 | Date: 2012-06-17 | Comments (0)

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