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Main » Articles » BOOK 2: Synopsis » A Daughter's Tear's

A Daughter's Tear's (Synopsis)

On A Storyteller’s Night book 2: The Sanctum (Synopsis) A Daughter’s Tears

When catching the Midnight train that was to take its passengers back to the Isle of Storm, Chantal Chance and Edward Blalock are thrown together in what would be one of their most frightening nightmares ever experienced – the only problem being that the nightmare is real.

All is well when setting off from Hellwood Train Station on the mainland of Coronvessus, until shortly into the journey the train is besieged by darkened shadow creatures that consume all but eight of the passengers of the train, among those that have been devoured is the driver who Edward discovers is missing from the controls of the train. In a heart-stopping race to stop the train from crashing, he recruits the expertise of the Chief Engineer Albert Monroe, to finally bring them to a standstill, and so allow those of the survivor’s to reach safely.

Trapped within an unfamiliar land, Edward, Chantal and the remaining survivor’s discover that they are not alone in their new found strange land and soon come face to face with monstrous demons, the Tantrane Warriors and, eventually the tale of a God so powerful that Vorelee herself would shake with fear. The journey has now only just begun with Sheekan Beasts hot on their trail, the survivors have only one chance of ever finding home again, and that lies in the coastal Town of ‘The Crossing - The Port’.

When teaming up with a band of Hunters and Warriors led by Rufus of Shinaul who is all too familiar with the terrain spanning the entire surface of Tantrane, the journey to ‘The Crossing – The Port’ is disclosed as being the only place that can offer Sanctuary to those who can prove they are Human, and that they do not follow the Islands destructive God Syndreth’s ways. The leader of these brave men is a man who is clouded with mystery and whose blood burns with anger and hatred for the demonic beasts that roam wild across the lands of the island.

After the killing of a hybrid Sheekan, Edward and Chantal talk Rufus the leader into helping them get to ‘The Crossing - The Port’; a crossway by boat that would take them all back home to Storm Island. But fraught with many dangers along the journey’s path, Edward and Chantal discover many things about Rufus, as well as themselves, too.

Stopping off at Waypoints along the way, including ‘Hope’, referred to as ‘Stall Arch’ to the residents which was recorded as being completely destroyed by the Goddess ‘Vorelee’ upon the Isle of Storm some several hundred years previous. It is the discovery of this place that both Edward and Chantal beg the residents to leave and join them on the journey to ‘The Crossing – The Port’ that lays in wait for their arrival only a few miles North-East, but the people of ‘Stall Arch’ fail to see the danger and so wish them well on their journey.

Arriving at ‘The Crossing – The Port’, the survivors, including Rufus, who has gone against the judgement of his Group Master, Paltak, arrive at the Town and prepare to be granted access by ‘The Gate Keepers’ who have the final say on who enters and who leaves. Of course, when one of ‘The Gate Keepers’ reveals Rufus’ real identity upon deaf ears, there are a sequence of incidents that are then put in motion. It will be the following twenty-four hours which will now see whether or not Edward and his group arrive back on "Storm Island”.

©®™¥ Marcus De Storm. All Rights Reserved.

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