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Main » 2012 » June » 17 » The Network Sets Sail For Amazon
7:20 PM
The Network Sets Sail For Amazon

For a while now, behind the scenes of The Network 2012, we have been busy working on many new projects, including "Publishing” our own work in the form of eBooks and Printed Books through many of today’s technologically advanced platforms in the world. Known only as "The Pre-Curser Project”, it has been the hard work and long hours that have allowed us to iron out the many crinkles which certain writers have failed to bring to the forefront for those other writer’s out there to overcome.

Lifting the Lid on Amazon

There are some Writer’s out there who write and upload a lot of work into the realms of the Internet, while in the background they give advice in the form of "Supplemented” works; pieces of their writing’s which we see as ‘Incomplete’ or ‘Unfinished’, because the simple fact is they are not complete works, but that of ‘Tasters’. On Amazon, we find hundreds, if not thousands of these bouncing around the World Wide Web, and in the meantime as many more are added, we are placed into the position where our decision to ‘Buy or Not to Buy’ is forced.

This is one of the things that The Network was most saddened about, as well as the lack of support for uploading our work; Poetry Novels, those Story-Short Compilations and fully edited Novels. It was after the fifth email sent off to Amazon themselves asking for assistance that we received a very alarming response, one which was not unexpected, however, but alarming all the same. The response asked us if we would like assistance, but then, if we selected yes, then we would have to pay "Paid Professionals” who would have our work (Our Books written by us), edit and prepare them for Publishing. We were shocked! Shocked because the fact that when you enter the Self-Publishing part of Amazon, you are led to believe that not only is Publishing your own book able to be done in 3 clicks, but also, it is absolutely free to do – so long as you have a written book of no less than 24 pages to upload. So where does the element of the "Paid Professionals” come into the scenario?

Simple Solutions

Throughout the last several weeks of Editing, Polishing and illustrating our books that will be ready for uploading very soon under the banners of our real names – Anonymous sounds so impersonal, don’t you think? – we have been working on some very helpful stuff that is about to break the habit of ‘Profitable Gain’, meaning quite simply, we will be posting a "Guide to Self-Publishing” in a very much different way as our American Cousins have been providing of late.

In our "Guide to Self-Publishing”, we will include a ‘No Holds Barred’ step-by-step guide on ‘How To’ format your work, ‘How To’ convert for multiple platforms, and of course, we will reveal ‘How To’ upload and post your work to the platforms in the very same way you want it to look to that all important reader. It truly is a ‘Simple Solution’ for which won’t cost you (the Writer) those thousands of Dollars (Pounds) to have someone else prepare it for you, because with our "How To Self-Publish Guide”, the whole Project has been written with the ‘First Time Writer’ in mind, as well as the more advanced of Writers who have also found it difficult to get their work placed on many of the available platforms today.

How Much It Will Cost

At the moment, our "How To Self-Publish Guide” is in its final stages of being completed, but as you are all aware the news of such a "Guide” would have the many Writers already out there with the idea of pulling the carpet from under us get to work to cash in – unfortunately this is the way of the world, and there will always be ‘Opportunists’ out there with no original ideas of their own who will STEAL the work of others to make quick money through others misery. Saying this, we intend to announce our new "How to Self-Publish Guide” official release as and when we upload it onto the platforms that it covers, and of course, this will include the surprising price, too.

Meanwhile, Back in the Network Cave

In the meantime, both The Network and MKDS67, would like to congratulate a very good friend and associate for his achievement in ‘Publishing’ his Novel on the multi-platform eBook conduits. It has been a journey fraught with many a rocky hill and obstacles, but finally, with perseverance and focus Mr Hakeem Aitoro has achieved part of his dream and goal of becoming an Official Writer and Author, both on the Internetwork and in Printed Book form. With more than a jar of debt owed to Mr Aitoro, my salute to him is sincere.

Hakeem Aitoro has a piece of work available on the Internet at the moment which has helped myself and many others realise the full potential we can have in life, in business and in making our own dreams come true also – all we have to do is want them to come true. This is a no catch, no gimmick, no fake setting of raising your hopes, and definitely no deception into buying any other book to find out the ending or complete the simple steps. This is as real as you’re going to get it, as honest as you are going to hear it and as simple as 1 2 3.

To take a look at Hakeem Aitoro’s new "Get Up, Stay Up & Excel” book, all you have to do is click on the Book Cover, or alternatively, click on this link: "The G.S.E”. Good luck and keep your focus.


H. Aitoro’s G.S.E



Below is the official "Review” which I, personally, gave to Hakeem Aitoro’s book. This was later submitted to Amazon for placement under the Author’s Product details for other people visiting the site page to see. With two chapters available for potential buyers to read, we know that the "Introduction” will speak for itself and more importantly, it will be a sign of good faith that what is written is the truth.


The G.S.E Review


Admittedly, I was a little optimistic when I picked up this book to read, something that I guess everyone feels with these self-help books. The key word here is Truth; is the Author honest enough to back up his self-confidence in his work? Can such a result come out of just a minimum amount of steps? And, most importantly, would this Author willingly swear by the words he shares with the reader as Effective or Workable – Does he have confidence that the book works?

Well, as an advanced acquirer of the GSE (as I like to call it), my life; habits, approach, attitude, work, self-esteem and all around behaviour in both Personal and Business life has changed – for the better may I add.

GSE is a Step-by-Step work plan for normal life and also for Business, too. The approach that the Writer uses is very cleverly done, though this is not meant in a misconceiving way, or that of psychologically channelling the readers mind into doing things that they didn't already know how to do in the first place. The GSE Guide is basically ‘Common Sense’- sense that we have, but for one reason or another we have pushed so far back into the deep recesses of our minds, that we would only recall these and openly admit we knew, when such people like H. Aitoro’s book unlocks that knowledge and brings the information to the forefront once more.

Personally, I believe that the G.S.E Book was too short, and that maybe there is a vast place of expansion for the piece. This is not saying that the price on the book is in any way over-pricing the quality and value, but quite the opposite, as this book gives more than those printed books that the readers purchase for £20 upwards in the bookstores. On a personal level and with no disrespect to those other writer’s out there who try to do the same thing as we see in H. Aitoro’s work, but I am happy to read, absorb and interact with this "Step-by-Step” daily plan for the reasons of it doing exactly what it says on the cover – Gets you up, Keeps you up and Excel’s your personal and business life into a far better place than where you first started.


M K De Storm

© Marcus De Storm/ The Network 2012/ H. Aitoro

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