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Main » 2012 » June » 17 » The Brotherhood Say’s “Happy Dreams” To The World
7:22 PM
The Brotherhood Say’s “Happy Dreams” To The World

For the first time ever "The Brotherhood Of The Realms”, the Pilot novel that launches "On A Storyteller’s Night” book series, has been put into the Public Domain’s Kindle catalogue. The novel, which had been promised big sales and exposure by American company SBPRA, has re-directed itself to the "eBook” format by the Author himself.

 ”When I found SBPRA in the 2012 Edition of ‘Writer’s & Authors Handbook’, I was led to believe a lot of things that really  weren't to be taken seriously,” Marcus De Storm revealed, "The Publishing Company (That’s open to debate) boasts of more than 3,000 Author’s that it has helped sell their works of art, but, on taking them up on this challenge and paying my $150.00 Dollars [£98.00], I was then faced with a ‘WordPress Website’ for which I had no control over, the description of my book’s contents and Biography, as well as the price in the corner for a Paperback $18.75! Who the hell buys a Paperback from an unpublished Author at nearly $20.00 Dollars?”

Given the exclusive on "The Brotherhood Of The Realms”, it is the very first time that the Pilot novel has seen the light of day within the Public Domain. The Writer himself has allowed only four people including the Publishing House (!) to read the novel, but knows that the decision to withdraw from SBPRA was "Right”, "Justified” and the "Best” move to make for the future of the novel.

 ”After paying the $150.00 Dollars to SBPRA, I was amazed (angry at the least) to be told that I would have to market and attract the first 100 customers to my WordPress Author’s page. This is where it still sits now, while every two weeks I receive annoying emails from SBPRA asking if I would like to ‘Hire’ the professional services of their staff who can sell my book for me, and at reasonable rates, too. This is something that an unknown, unpublished Writer cannot afford, and so, I have written the whole Project off and joined with Amazon – which I have a strange feeling is exactly what SBPRA do in the long run anyway.” Marcus added.

"The Brotherhood Of The Realms” was written in the early 1990′s, when culture change and attitudes were much different than what they are today, but, when the choices of the generations were more open than most in today's society. The behind the scenes affects of living grabbed hold of Marcus De Storm, bringing him into a more settled – though chaotic – world of chemical influences, and through this taboo indulgence brought knowledge, imagination and fresh idea creations flooding through into his writing. And, from the idea of "The Brotherhood Of The Realms” came the much anticipated Story-Short Novel "On A Storyteller’s Night” Chronicles, which continue after the launch novel in such a way, that one exclusive reader said: "This is intense! You have a Crime novel starter, the Gore, the Horror, and the substance to be a part of ‘Storm Island’ residents and share with surreal interaction their dilemmas.”

 ”On A Storyteller’s Night Book 1: The Beginning”, was great to write,” laughs Marcus, "it was written in a decade that gave me so many ideas that could be exploited; the prospects of unemployment fuelling the crimes, destitution bringing in the evil elements of a persons attitude and disregard for human life, and I guess you could say that the chassis of the Status Quo would be the centre point of Bluebell Woods – which is the source of the stories. When ‘On A Storyteller’s Night Book 2: The Sanctum” was written, my whole outlook on the mysteries and evil element’s surrounding the Wood changed as to the relocation of myself to North Wales. I believed that the mood that I was in at the time changed the character ‘Juice’ and so moved back to Leeds. From this point of relocating again, I concentrated more time and effort into completing both additional novels to ‘The Brotherhood’, where the result was fifty-two uncut Crime Gore Horror Story-Shorts.”

To read the Pilot Launch Novel’s introduction and to Buy from Amazon for your Kindle, then all you have to do is hit the title: "The Brotherhood Of The Realms”. And, if you enjoyed reading the full book, then you will love the ‘Expanded’ Story-Short Novel Series "On A Storyteller’s Night Series’, which are due for release very soon.

© Marcus De Storm / The Network 2012

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