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Main » 2012 » June » 17 » O.A.S.N Series Chapters Revealed
7:26 PM
O.A.S.N Series Chapters Revealed

It has been a tough road to follow these past couple of weeks, but finally, the whole concept and creative theories surrounding "On A Storyteller’s Night Series” have really started to take shape over the past several days with the completion of the first EIGHT Book Chapter’s…So far.

The Archive that contains ALL the "Story-Shorts” which will eventually feed into the Series has brought forward some of the best, medium and standard Crime, Gore, Horror material that people would expect to find from someone who is hardly known on the Writer/Author Circuit – But all that is about to change with my 250 Story-Short contribution that will be spread through 25 Novel’s dedicated to Crime, Gore, Horror.

"On A Storyteller’s Night” tells the stories of "Storm Island” (aka Isle of Storm), an island that was torn away from the Mainland and cursed by the Gods that fight a raging war of power and supremacy over the entire Cosmos. In the middle of this war are the human’s that in many cases become the Pawns in the game of one god after the other, and so pay the price with their mortal lives. As well as the Gods fighting among themselves for ultimate power there are the Mages, the Demons, the very evil that flows through the island, cracking holes in the very fabric of time into a secondary island that is set within a time of peace – this is the platform which will bring the reader full circle and learn the truth of "The Brotherhood Of The Realms” and the fate of the island.

"The Brotherhood Of The Realms” (Available now on eBook/Kindle & Paperback Novel)

The Brotherhood Of The Realms - Paperback Novel Pilot

Official Paperback Cover

The Chapter’s:

1. Bonding Friendships

2. Burning Ambition

3. The New Wave

4. Inside The Rainbow Maze

5. Love Angel

6. The Last Shadow-Runner

7. A Quest Of Innocence

8. The Temple Of Dreams

9. The Trial

10. Inside The Realms

11. A New Brotherhood

12. The Future

Review By MDS.

The Brotherhood Of The Realms, is the main key novel to the short stories of "On A Storyteller’s Night”, a twenty-five volume series that only vary in their style when crossing between horror and crime thriller to that of gore-horror and fantasy, but also link’s the one first novel with the brand new Stand-Alone novel "Severed Ties” (Working Title) due for release 28th February 2013.

Between the three titles, one thing links them all – Marcus Chance; Marcus Chance was just a normal, everyday teenager who liked to live life on the edge all of the time, until one day he is given a wake up call he will never forget. When he is attacked by his old school teacher, Mr Adrian Peach, Marcus is taken to hospital and into theatre for an emergency operation. The following day he is not only given some bad news about his family, but he also finds that the young boy in the next bed to him is about to lead him on his very first steps into the major league criminal underworld.
Troubled by the interference of PC Ted Calvert, Marcus tries hard to bring the whole bad blood thing between them to an end, but fails dreadfully. It is now time for the police to return the favour by arresting and charging his father for drug possession and distribution.

Filled with twists and turns in the plot, Brotherhood of the Realms takes the reader on a one way rollercoaster ride that will take them both to the very fringe of horror – then tip the scales enough to cause an emotional response. Travelling the very same path as Marcus Chance, the reader becomes witness as slowly he comes face to face with his inner-most fears, and finally arrives at a destination which is more than unexpected. It is now that a new dawn rises and the young Detective fights for his very soul to have it all taken back.
Crime, drugs, gangs, corruption, gore-horror and psychological meltdowns bring the story to an unimaginable conclusion, before pulling the reader back into the world of betrayal and horror for the next instalment contained within "On A Storyteller‘s Night" series.

On A Storyteller’s Night Book 1 The Beginning (Paperback Cover)

"On A Storyteller’s Night Series” The Chapter’s:

On A Storyteller’s Night Book 1: The Beginning :- The Chapter’s


The First of Three

The Bluebell Mystery

In God We Trust                                                                                             

The Man in Black

The Haunting Of the Dog

On Hallowed Ground

The Big Story

Getting It Right

Probe: Into the Future

Bonus: Death On The Road


On A Storyteller’s Night Book 2: The Sanctum :- The Chapter’s

1 Songs From A Soul

2 Vorelee’s Curse

3 When the Moon Falls

4 Where Fear Has No Place

5 Pilkington Manor

6 Night Fall

7 Whisper’s From The Past

8 Martuk’s Legacy

9 The Awakening

10 A Night at the Opiates

Bonus Chapter: Night of the Orix


On A Storyteller’s Night Book 3: Rising Dawn:- The Chapter’s

1 Cry Of The Lamb

2 Twisted Arrow

3 And The Wind Shall Blow

4 The Raven’s Wing

5 The Doorway

6 Burning Bridges

7 An Eye For An Eye

8 Walking With The Dead

9 Deep Hole, Wide Coffin

10 Rise Of The Machine

(Bonus) Down By The River


On A Storyteller’s Night Book 4: The Labyrinth:- The Chapter’s

1 Frozen Heart

2 To Hell

3 My Brother, My Keeper, My Killer

4 One Last Breath

5 Breakfast In Heaven, Supper In Hell

6 Sign Of The Gemini

7 Tunnel To Freedom

8 The Touch

9 No Better Time To Die

10 And The Tired Shall Sleep

(Bonus) Lakeside


On A Storyteller’s Night Book 5: Setting Sun:- The Chapter’s

1 To Awake In Darkness

2 Spiral

3 Hold Your Tongue

4 The Visitor

5 The Piper’s Song

6 A Flock Of seagulls

7 Curtain Call

8 The Abraxus Crisis

9 Legacy

10 Highway To A Killer

(Bonus) The Darkened Room


On A Storyteller’s Night Book 6: Tales Of Abraxus

Within This Place

And The Tired Shall Sleep

Rain Maker

Soul Reaper

Death Walk

Into The Void

Dark Half

Times Of Hate

The Black Cat

Full Throttle

(Bonus) Fire & Ice



On A Storyteller’s Night Book 7: Pirate’s Cove:- The Chapter’s

1 Cash On Delivery

2 Graveyards End

3 Powdered Bones

4 Calling Out Blue Murder

5 In Every Heart Beat

6 The Temple Gates

7 The Man In The Black Suit

8 Charlotte Sometimes

9 Hollow Falls Revisited

10 A Trace Of Vorelee

(Bonus) A King’s Wishes


On A Storyteller’s Night Book 8: Enter The Maze:- The Chapter’s

1 The House Wins

2 I Shot You Dead

3 The Girl From Somewhere

4 The Ship Of Souls

5 Sun Burn

6 Choices

7 A Real Bad Man

8 Bodies In Clover

9 The Night The World Ended

10 Charlotte Sometimes

(Bonus) Rise Of Hollow Falls


On A Storyteller’s Night Book 9: Vorelee’s Legacy:- The Chapter’s


So with 8 Books already chapterized, the next question on everyone’s lips is whether or not the material is present to initiate such a lot of Story-Shorts. The truth is, the material and Story-Shorts have always been there, since as early as 1986 – 1994, where as a dedicated Writer, my typewriter was spitting out some 12 to 15 Story-Shorts per week. And with that said, yes, the material is present – editing began in August 2010.

What’s Next?

Next is the completion, conversion processing into both eBook and Paperback, then the continuation of many other Projects which are available, including a Script & Book for ScreenGems (Resident Evil Distributor) Film Studios, a Script for Channel 4 and several Book Projects that to break into Comedy, Science Fiction, and Adult Erotica. A new Serialization is in Progress as we speak on a Suburban casting of two misfits; ideas and experiences of my own youth that was filled with many Taboo’s. For now, however, the Primary goal is to finish the work presently and complete the Series.

© Marcus De Storm 2012

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