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Main » 2012 » June » 17 » MKDS Goes For Publishing Deal
7:06 PM
MKDS Goes For Publishing Deal

It is no secret that "The Network” has its fingers in a lot of pies, especially when it comes to "Serving The Public” with as much information as possible. Freely we provide a lot of data that elsewhere people would pay for, but we believe that it should be slammed down where a price tag for something as simple as an address is charged. Not everyone has the cost of some of these on offer, but with The Network, if we can provide it, we will with pleasure – and FREE too.

Throughout all of our Blogs, including News, Entertainment, Comedy and other conduits where "Writer’s & Author’s” can look up a Publishing House for whichever Genre and Topic they wish, our ongoing mission as a vessel of freedom fills the Internetwork with a much better and smoother presence. We look not for money, thanks or any reward that others look for in providing this information, but we do ask for some kind of acknowledgement like the Rate, Comment or Subscribe, because let’s face it, when a viewer on our Blogs Rate an article, the rest of the viewers landing on the Blog after them see this and know someone has looked at it. When someone Comments, the same goes with the presence, and finally when we get Subscribers, not only do other readers see an interest, but the Subscriber gets the Posts and Updates first before everyone else.

So, with all this in mind, it is of no surprise that the best efforts and struggle to become known around the world, has led our Creator Marcus De Storm to be published – Finally. Published in a series of his books that once graced the pages of the Internet, and which have now run their time before the response of the readers has allowed the stats to push them for Printing and Publishing. On A Storyteller’s Night Book 1: The Beginning and On A Storyteller’s Night Book 2: Sanctum, will be released in Paperback and across the e-book format platform over the Summer period. As yet the price on the Paperback version is in negotiation as whether to sell for £4.99 or lower, but certainly no more than £4.99. With a selection of 10 Story-Short Gore Horror’s on offer in each book, as well as a Bonus Chapter in each of the series, we are confident that they will do well enough for many people to read and share.

The e-book format will be released at £2.99 for download onto any e-book reader, including the Kindle and other Android Tablets, as well as for the Home PC/Laptop. And, with a further 18 books in production, the series is expected to reach its explosive ending by 2015.

Anyone who is interested in the "On A Storyteller’s Night Collection”, should direct the emails with the heading Subject: "OASN Collection”, failure to do this will render the email "Spam” and so, it will be deleted – Sorry.

As and when the first (and second book) is published and distributed, The MKDS Network 2012 will begin a series of "Helpful Tips” on how YOU too can make a life changing decision on becoming published. Only when these books are published can we (As a Network) begin the "Review” stages, and keep you all up to date with the progress.

We would like to thank all our 2.9 million viewers throughout all of our Blogs for taking an interest in the work we do, and hope that the future becomes a lot more expanded within the Community.

© The [MKDS] Network 2012/ Marcus De Storm 2012

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