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Main » 2012 » June » 24 » Calling All Writer's...eBook Problem's! Solved
12:55 PM
Calling All Writer's...eBook Problem's! Solved

Are YOU having problems becoming Self-Published on KINDLE? Marcus De Storm, The Network and H. Aitoro can help you get YOUR book Prepared, Aligned and Ready for Universal Sales on Kindle. We Guarantee you will have a Novel up on KINDLE eBook within a short time.

Its frustrating, isn’t it, when you have a Channel available where you get all the FREE help, but still you are unable to move ahead. A few months ago, my friend and me had the exact same problems, only the problems were an extra benefit, as together we dominating and defeated the challenge – A new book materialiazed from the problem – and so today, my plans for a 5th eBook and 3rd Paperback Novel to be made available on the Internet is in progress.

There are some calls to "Writer’s” out there, to resort to "Self-Publishing”, though to many Publishing Houses all over the world, the last nail in their coffins is about to befall them because of their ignorance in "Progressing” forward with the times and the eBook Revolution. For me, personally, I have tried many, many times to have my work looked over by a UK Publisher, even US Publisher’s, but both have said exactly the same thing to me: "Have you got any family or relatives who have been Published?” This is nothing to do with my family or relatives – It is to do with me and the material that I write.

Okay, so you get all your Software (FREE) for setting out your eBook and begin to get cracking. Pretty soon – oh, I don’t know, maybe about ten minutes into setting out your work onto Kindle Temples – you hit a problem! The problem is considered HUGE, though it isn’t really HUGE when you’ve had it fixed, but DO NOT expect any help from KINDLE or AMAZON in the setting up and Problem Solving without paying a Price.

Through the couple of months leading up to my first eBook release "The Brotherhood Of The Realms”, my friend and I came across many problems that we eventually concluded being a part of some ingenius idea by the company that "If everyone had the ability to upload their work to Kindle, Amazon or CreateSpace, then EVERYONE would put their work onto the Super Book Giants’ Website.”

Help came from both H. Aitoro (The Creator of the Kindle Publishing Guide) and Marcus De Storm’s "The Network” only two months ago, where with a massive advertising campaign, they alone reached out and declared a problem with the Templates, the Alignment of the Pages, and the variations between Guttering, Margins and other little spots where the Writer themselves would have Problems to bare. Today, however, we have the solutions and we have the answers, too. Step inside "Storm’s Writer’s Circle” and we will give you the information which will have you scratching your head at the ease of which you had your work on Kindle, not scratching your head wondering whether the reward will come from Submitted manuscripts to Publishing Houses all over the world, or the eventual working out of the Kindle Template problem…You decide.

The Following link will take you to a placement on Amazon where WE guarantee by reputation, that the Guide you Buy is the answer to everything that you have ever questioned in creating your eBook, Software obtaining, Alignment, Guttering, Margin set-up and lots more for your manuscript. And, though many people may say that this is an Advertising Campaign to gain money – think again – we are Writer’s, just like you, you and you, and The Network is a Public Service Anon_Campaigner who strongly believes that "Everyone, whether person or company, should provide exactly what they TELL people they are providing with no hidden extras or mean fetes that are almost impossible to overcome without having to walk into trapments whereby payments and cost to the Customer bring about disgruntlement.”

"The No Bull Guide To Kindle For Non Techies – Format Books In Windows 2007” Guaranteed.

It just leaves us to say: "Good luck, be fruitful, and keep on Writing.”

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© Marcus De Storm 2012/The [MKDS] Network 2012/Storm’s Writer’s Circle 2012.

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