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Main » 2012 » June » 17 » Book Illustration Complete
7:15 PM
Book Illustration Complete

In today’s world, people who can find a chance to make a quick quid will go to every length, pull every trick in the book and talk any Saudi Prince into buying their sand because its better quality, just so that they can make money from others. In the case of my own two books so far, which are to soon be unleashed upon the internet, my finding an illustrator who would be able to complete the work of "Cover Design”, was fraught with many issues; a charge for this and that, while a charge that was separate from this and that was expected on another this and that. In the end, all my attention was forcefully diverted to the "Same Boat” person.

The Same Boat People

When we are in a rut, a dilemma, a quandary that needs to be addressed before the launch of something that we feel is so important, we become defenceless. We are not defenceless in the way that a dilemma which cannot be cured by throwing money at it, but in the dilemma where money is nowhere within the equation  of being a part of. If you haven’t got the finances to continue a project, then that project is placed on hold before being shoved onto the back burner for another time.

In the world today, we meet people everyday who are looking for a means to survive, but not in the way that most people lay it on thick; those that have less than £50,000 in their bank account who complain and exclaim that if they don’t get a commissioned job soon they’re going to be out on the street, homeless, hungry and destitute! Its funny I know, but unfortunately this is a true statement and fact. People do actually use expressions like this on a day-to-day basis, even though they are better off than most people who are sincere about their positions in life.

When I had finished "Polishing” my two novel’s (Indeed there are others, but these we will highlight first), the idea of a ‘Book Cover’ was the furthest problem from my mind. Of course, the smallest of all details seem to shoot through the ranks of others these days and take centre stage wherever I am personally involved. That is why I began to think in advance for such a cover to be done before the completion of the polishing. And, it was done by someone who, like myself, is in the very same boat; a sharer of knowledge, a sharer of advice, and a sharer of that which we would embrace with caution would it involve the person crying "Destitution”.

In this case, however, my relationship with a great person who made the offer to help with the book cover designs on both books has been that which has led me into the ways and means that wouldn't hurt anyone with the same attitude of knowing that there is a "T” in Team Work, and that there is truth in the saying "Two heads are better than one.” Another Writer, another Author, another Dreamer that has the drive and determination as myself I have found and with no hidden charges or expectations lurking in the background ready to strike like an unexpected Ogre if I don’t pay up. The stress-free feeling energizes me in such a way that I lay down the answer (if I possess it) to any question that my equal assistant puts forward, and I do this without expecting a "Thank you” or that of any reward where I would then see my friendship deteriate.

What Now?

Now, we put everything together and take stock of the construction of the two (or more) books which we have already prepared, while in the meantime, we fine tune the basics and allow the last few days to fall into place. If we were to rush the process along now at this late stage, we may find that something will go wrong, and more often than not it usually does. The extension of the placement of the book is vital to the alignment, especially on Amazon and especially on Kindle. With the book cover being the final attachment, we can concentrate on the stories themselves, while making any last moment editing or corrections on the flow of the plot.

Now, we wait and concentrate. Then we publish.

©® Marcus De Storm 2012.

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